San Francisco after dark

I took a walk around San Francisco last night while I was trying to figure out who most of the people I voted for ARE! I started at the old Emporium store on Market Street, headed over to North Beach and back through Chinatown, still enjoying the nice weather while it lasts.

DarkBloominguseLooking east at the old Emporium Store getting ready for Christmas in 1971: Bloomingdale’s needs to fix some of the dead letters in their name above the old Emporium entrance. (Kid 101)

DarkBroadwayuseBroadway at Columbus Avenue in 1971: The ‘Condor Club’ and ‘Big Al’s’ aren’t lit up anymore, but the ‘Hungry I’ still is. (

DarkPacificblogThe notorious International Settlement on Pacific Avenue during the 1940s from the photographer Fred Lyon. Spider Kelly’s and the Barbary Coast Club  were in the building behind the car that’s leaving in my photo. A little trivia here that’s of interest to probably only me; “Baby Face” Nelson used to come out from Chicago and hang out at Spider Kelly’s when he wasn’t robbing banks with John Dillinger!

DarkCtownblogGrant Avenue, between Sacramento and Clay Streets during the 1940s: If this was during World War Two, Chinatown isn’t observing blackout rules. It’s amazing that the Bakery neon sign is still there!  (


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