A 1980’s San Francisco tour

These are some more updates of slide pictures that I took in the early to mid 1980’s. I went back to spots that I photographed long ago, and it felt like almost everything had changed except me!

EightiestourMarketuseMarket Street at Powell in 1985: This was around the time they began running old-time street cars along Market Street, although, they weren’t as “old-time” back then as they are now!

EightiestourEmbSouthuseThe Embarcadero, looking south in 1983, next to Levi Plaza: The old Belt Line railroad tracks were still there and Levi Plaza had only opened up a year or two earlier.

EightiestourEmbnorthuseThe Embarcadero at Broadway looking north in 1983:

EightiestourccaruseThis was taken on Powell Street in front of the St. Francis Hotel in June of 1984, the day the cable cars returned to service after being closed for repairs for nearly two years.

EightiestourCtownuseChinatown at Grant Avenue and California Street in 1983: I may have taken this one while passing by on a cable car, I don’t remember. Old St. Mary’s is hidden behind trees now that weren’t there when I took the first picture. I wonder who that was taking a picture of me while I was taking a picture of him!

EightiestourshipsuseThe Parade of Ships during Fleet Week, 1983, taken from Chestnut Street: This was still during the Cold War, and there was a lot more of a military showing back then. I’m not sure which aircraft carrier that was, but it may have been the USS Abraham Lincoln. You can see the Balclutha sailing ship on the left when she was still docked at Pier 43.

EightiesBAngelsuseWatching the Blue Angels from the Coit tower parking lot in 1983: Look at the kids climbing up on the Columbus Statue on the left. We used to do that too. I was watching the air show from the steps leading up to Coit Tower. Fleet Week had only been revived two years earlier; I wouldn’t even try going up there on Blue Angels day anymore!

Eightiestourtwiliteuse Late afternoon from Telegraph Hill in 1983 and in 2018: It doesn’t feel like thirty five years ago to me. I think that usually means that you’re getting old!

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