A city in motion

MotionBBridgeuseYou have to enter San Francisco from the Bay Bridge pretty early nowadays to catch traffic as light as it was in this color photo from the 1940’s. (Vintage Everyday)

transpoferrytwo“All aboard for the Dramamine Express!” Those old buses, like the one these ladies are boarding at the Ferry Building during the 1950’s, may not have been as uncomfortable as I’m making them out to be, but I’m sure they’re not as comfortable as today’s Muni buses. (Lucian Rosca)

MotionccaroneuseA cable car crosses Geary Blvd. on Powell Street heading toward Market Street in the 1940’s:

MotionclockuseStreet and sidewalk motion in the 1970’s and today: That’s the old Samuels Clock, installed on Market Street in 1915. The clock, now a San Francisco Landmark, was moved a little from its original Market Street location in 1943. (24media.com)

hyderedo A scooter and cable car crossing paths on Hyde Street at Chestnut in the early 1960’s: The cable car in my photo was heading down Russian Hill unlike the vintage picture and I could have waited here for hours for a scooter, so I’ll just settle for the cable car. (Michael Bry)

MotionStocktonSutteruseSutter Street looking east at Stockton Street during the 1940’s: This is a wider angle of a clearer photo I posted on June 1st this month showing the location of the legendary Forbidden City nightclub on Sutter Street. (SFMTA)

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