San Francisco in the 1950s…. all in unnatural color

GBridgeredoBy the 1950s, color photography was getting less and less expensive, although, the “natural color” had a little ways to go yet.

FairmontredoI’m not sure that I dislike the look of the Fairmont Hotel lobby back then, but it hurts my eyes!

Tpeaksredo When you make it up to Twin Peaks and the colors are as good as the old photo, you picked the perfect day to be there.

FStandredoGrant Avenue, down from Chinatown: Aw, hope he got a nice tip.

FWharfredo It was nice of that fellow to pose for me at Fisherman’s Wharf. He wasn’t crabby about it at all!

TMarkredoLooks like there’s more than just “natural color” on this old souvenir book, but I’m not going to guess what it is. Same view, different colors, both from the Top of the Mark.

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