More black and white photos (For Suzanne)

Well, we’ve moved into another month. With less than three weeks of spring left I’m wondering if,

the Giants can avoid a “June Swoon” – or the Warriors will be champions soon – as I update my blog this afternoon.

Yeah, I know. Sorry!

B&WStocktonuseThe southwest corner of Sutter and Stockton Streets in 1946: If you look down Sutter Street in the background of the vintage picture, you’ll see the Forbidden City night club, once San Francisco’s answer to New York’s Cotton Club. (Pinterest)

B&WUSquareuse Union Square in 1948: The I. Magnin Department Store is now part of Macy’s, the City of Paris Department Store behind the Dewey Monument has been demolished, and there’s so little grass in Union Square today it’s hardly worth the name. (Roger Sturtevant)


B&WArmoryuseThe old Armory Building in the Mussion District, seen from Woodward Street in the 1970’s:

B&WCtownuseWashington Street, looking west from Grant Avenue in 1944: The building with the Chop Suey sign in the old photo has been remodeled and was where the Golden Dagon Restaurant, the site of one of the worst massacres in modern San Francisco history, was located.

B&W4thuseIt was a lot nicer when I took my picture looking across Market Street to 4th Street than it was on this cold day in 1935 (SFMTA)

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