Photoshopping in the City (For Kendrick)

Photoshopped then and now images are fun to look at, but I don’t post many because I’ve always felt that for the novelty of the images you give up a lot of the frame of both pictures to get a good overlap. Besides that, they’re also a lot harder to do! Still, they can make an interesting comparison. Here’s a few from some of my pictures I’ve previously posted.

PSCableuseThe Powell Street Cable Car Line: Pretty girls are pretty girls no matter what century.

PSCtownuse Chinatown in the 1940’s:

PSGGBuseThe Golden Gate Bridge Promenade in the 1940’s:

MLaneuseMaiden Lane in the 1950’s:

PSClipperuseClipper Cove at Treasure Island: When I took the recent picture of the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge the old cantilever bridge hadn’t been demolished yet.

PSGGBtwouseThe Golden Gate Bridge in 1940:

Ferrybridgetrainredo When trains and streetcars roared under the Ferry Building Pedestrian Bridge

PSMaritimeuseBathing Beauties at Aquatic Park in 1939:

PSDannyuseDanny and I at Ocean Beach, I think it was around 1898. I’m a lot older than I look!

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