Fixing things up

fixwindmilluseBy the 1970’s the Murphy Windmill at the southwestern edge of Golden Gate Park, built in 1908, had completely fallen apart and restoration work planned in the 1960’s had not began on it yet. The fixing up began in 2002 and the windmill reopened in 2012.

FixEllisuseThis old Victorian house in the Western Addition sitting under the hangman’s noose and waiting to be demolished in the late 1960’s was not only fixed up and saved at the eleventh hour but was moved over to Ellis Street near Divisadero. (Dave Glass)

FixfifthuseMarket Street near 5th, undated but it looks like the early 1960’s: Construction on BART began around this time so I’m guessing that this is the beginning of work on the system below Market Street. (Nolan Pelletier)

FixPostuseA little road work on Stockton Street near Post in 1955: At right center in the vintage photo is the beloved City of Paris Department Store and to the right is the I Magnin Store, now part of Macy’s. (SF Chronicle)

FixMasonuseWhatever needed fixing on O’Farrell Street at the intersection of Mason in 1955 was long ago taken care of. (SF Chronicle)

FixSutteruseStockton Street near Sutter in 1955: President William Howard Taft once called San Francisco “The city that knows how”. Well, sixty two years later and they’re still working on the road here! Lol! (SF Chronicle)

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