Segue to the 1970s

When we last stepped into the WABAC Machine with Mr. Peabody and Sherman we traveled back to the 1980s. That doesn’t seem that far back to me, I think I’m still wearing some of the clothes I bought back then. Today we’ll take one step farther back to the 1970s. (Vintage photos / San Francisco, Minerva SA)

70'scableturntableuse Long queues for the Powell and Market Street cable cars weren’t a reality yet in the 70s.

70sviallancourtuse“, the blog that dares to use the Vaillancourt Fountain for a setting.”  This fountain hasn’t gotten any more attractive since the 1970s, especially now that the water has been turned off due to the long California drought.

70'sCCarredo California and Powell Streets is the only spot where the California and Powell-Hyde-Bay cable car lines cross paths. The cone shaped structure on the corner signals stop and go for the cars when they reach the intersection at the same time. .

70'sCTownuseThere used to be a Wax museum in Chinatown. This would later be a McDonald’s in the 1990s.

70scrosswalkusePost and Stockton Streets at Union Square: We need more crosswalk cops today!

70'sCalifStuseA close up look down California Street from Nob Hill in the 70s and today: This is one of the most photographed views in San Francisco.

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