Another “Themeless Thursday” tour. (For Laura F.)

When I have a bunch of pictures that I want to post and I can’t find a connecting theme, I just put them on the blog on a Thursday and declare it Themeless Thursday.

Themless1915useThe Ferry Building in 1915 and in 2015, both years commemorating the 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition:

themelesslagoonuseThe Fisherman’s Wharf Lagoon during World War Two: I’m not sure why it was a restricted area by the U.S. Army and I wonder if the photographer was arrested. Also, I didn’t notice that little Minnie Mouse like doll on the pier when I took my picture. Good advertising for the sport fishing company that berths here! (Vintage picture from SF Chronicle)

ThemelessAlamouse“Painted Ladies” and a pretty lady at Alamo Square: The top picture taken after the 1906 Earthquake and Fire is hanging on the wall near the earthquake exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences.

ThemelesstotemuseA Totem pole at the Cliff House in 1983: There’s still a totem pole near this spot, but it doesn’t look like the same one, and when a totem pole has a nicer smile than mine I know it’s time to stop taking selfies.

SkyTramWe’ll stay out at the Cliff House for awhile. This is the old Point Lobos Sky Tram that ran behind the Cliff House and the Sutro Bathhouse from 1955 to 1965. The ruins of the Sutro Bathhouse that burned down in 1966 are on the left. (Vintage picture from SF Chronicle)

ThemelessbridgeuseThe old Rustic Bridge at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park was ERECTED AD 1893, and it’s as peaceful of a setting as you’ll find in San Francisco. A couple of movies have filmed scenes here, “Fatty” Arbuckle’s ‘Wished on Mabel’ in 1915, and ‘Scaramouche’ in 1952.

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