The Alameda County Fair 2017

The 2017 Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton is underway and I couldn’t be happier! It’s always one of the highlights of summer to me. The Fair kicked off with an old fashioned Texas cattle drive through Downtown Pleasanton. Last fall I visited the Pleasanton Fairgrounds. They were lonely and empty; it was like a ghost town. It’s a lot more fun out here in the summertime.

2017Cattledrive “Git along, lil dawggies.”

2017entranceuse Heading in.

2017midwayuse The Midway: I get dizzy just looking at it!

2017fairkidsredo The kiddie rides: You know, the ones I can handle.

2017fairtreesredo I stood here last fall dying for the smell of an Italian Sausage sandwich!

2017grandleftbloguse  2017grandrightbloguse Two views from the horse racing grandstand.


Went to the county fair and a Giants baseball game broke out! (In reference to the bench clearing brawl between Hunter Strickland of the Giants and Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals on May 29th) The little white one looks like it’s trying to be a mediator.
“Hey, what are you guys doing? You’re friends! Let’s have a beer and forget about this!”

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