‘Our San Francisco’

I think the Our San Francisco editorials in the weekend San Francisco Chronicle are the best thing the paper has been publishing since the Chronicle lost Herb Caen. Here are a few of their vintage pictures.

oursfgrantmarketuse San Francisco Police Department’s first K9 Unit at Market Street and Grant Avenue in 1962:

oursfchouseuse Always the Cliff House: I think I’ll write a poem about it one day if I can think of a word that rhymes with Cliff House besides “titmouse”. Actually, I haven’t seen many pictures of the 1863 Cliff House from what is now called Sutro Heights, and few this clear.

oursfmontmarketuse The 1982 Super Bowl Victory Parade looking north up Montgomery Street from Market Street in 1982: Eddie DeBartolo, Dianne Feinstein, and Bill Walsh are in the middle of the crowd. Compare these photos with the bottom one looking in the same direction from a little higher up in the Palace Hotel for the San Francisco Giants welcome parade in 1958. The two north corner Buildings have been demolished.

oursfbushmontuse Speaking of the Giants, here’s a closer look at their welcoming parade at Montgomery and Bush.

oursftykesuse Tykes on bikes! A rally for bicycle safety lanes in front of City Hall in 1972:

oursfwarriorsuse A welcome parade for Wilt Chamberlain and the Warriors past City Hall in 1962: Judging from the crowd turnout, basketball wasn’t all that popular in San Francisco yet.

oursfbartuse Not quite the way they envisioned it on the drawing board in the early 1960’s, but BART turned out okay. They look like Stepford Wives!

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