For Patrick

These are some then and nows from pictures my little brother Pat was in. We lost Pat in 1995 at age 32. Life would be a lot nicer now if he was still with me.

It crossed my mind the other day,

how many years you’ve been away.

Those kids you loved, they don’t forget.

They all have kids you’ve never met.

We posed in places from the past,

in spots where you belong.

It crossed my mind the other day,

we still took you along.

cliffhouse2017 The old Cliff House in 1989: Pat is in the black sweater and jeans on the right with his nieces Beverly, Christie, Carrie Ann, Stacy, and our sister Julie. Two of his nieces walking with him, Stacy and Beverly, are in the picture I took last Sunday along with my brother Kevin.

patfantasylandbloguse I seem to spend more time in Disneyland than San Francisco, lately. This was in 1989 and last Friday, January 20th. Doesn’t anybody else notice that witch from Sleeping Beauty peeking out the window behind the castle in Fantasyland?

patfrontierlanduse At New Orleans Square in 1987:

patcarnationuse Friday’s picture was at Carnation Plaza on Main Street; The 1987 one with Stacy and Carrie Ann was in what is now called Riverside Terrace. You still can’t get Stacy to pose normal!

patggbridgeuse Pat, with Carrie Ann and me in 1994, and Beverly and Stacy last Sunday:

26 The previous photo of Beverly and Stacy was taken inside the old Round House Restaurant, recently reopened as a snack bar. They serve good hot chocolate for cold January days like when we visited there.

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