My Spanish is a little rusty.

One of the advantages of commuting to San Francisco is riding on BART. Although often criticized, it’s really an effective way to get to San Francisco. When you combine the trip with MUNI, which is another effective way to get around town, you can save a lot of money. Last Monday, as I was coming back from another trip “out in the field” to San Francisco, I was randomly interviewed by a television crew about my opinion of the parking lot fee increase that went in to effect on New Year’s Day. The interview was conducted in English and I didn’t realize until I watched the newscast later that evening that it was for a Spanish television network. I can’t quiet make out what the newscaster is saying in his report, but I seem to have heard the word “loco” frequently in his recap. That’s me walking and driving away in the film too. My “15 minutes” of fame, and I can’t understand a word of it!

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