December people watching

peoplestocktonuse Same crosswalk, different people: This Stockton Street crosswalk on the south side of Geary Blvd. must have been the Designated Older People crosswalk in the 1950’s and the Designated Younger People crosswalk today! The landmark City of Paris Department Store where Neiman Marcus is today is behind the crossers in the vintage picture.

peopleridingcablecaruse Well, as long as nobody notices that the cable car was going up California Street at Grant Avenue in the vintage picture and down California Street at Grant Avenue in my picture, this will make a nice comparison.

peoplepowellmarketuse Sticking with cable cars here, you can’t ride on the cable car as it revolves on the turntable at Powell and Market Streets like those bored looking people in the 1930’s are doing. I wonder what football games were playing.

decjtgardenuse No people watching here anymore: The old and now closed entrance to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park, looks like the 1960’s, when it was free to get in.

decgeishause Two pretty geisha girls below one of the temples in the tea garden:

decteahouseuse The Tea Garden Pavilion, obviously, during the 1940’s or early 1950’s: The Japanese Tea Garden name was changed after Pearl Harbor to the Oriental Tea Garden, and was not changed back to the Japanese Tea Garden until 1952. The proprietor and caretaker of the garden, Takano Hagiwara, was interned in a Japanese relocation camp.

decghighwayuse Little people watching on the Great Highway from the top of Sutro Heights: It’s not an easy spot to get a comparison picture here today; you have to climb over a rather nasty fence and get close to the edge of the cliff to get this shot. I’m getting too old for this kind of stuff!

decnicoleuse I wonder if Nicole said yes.

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