Alioto’s and #9 Fishermen’s Grotto

aliotouse Had a birthday lunch at Alioto’s Restaurant in Fisherman’s Wharf this week. There isn’t a lot of tourists at this time of year so I got one of the best seats in the house overlooking the fishing boat lagoon. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a more scenic lunch. The restaurant has been remodeled since the vintage photo from SF Gate was taken, so I was sitting about where the Alioto’s sign was.

grottouse “A corsage, Madame, for your coat that so many little animals gave their all for!”

Stopped in at the Grotto first, but the waiting time was too long. The waiter at the door said, “We’ll call your name when there’s a table open.” When I asked how long it would be, he replied, “February.” Actually, the restaurant has changed ownership and it’s closed for remodeling at this time.

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