Pretty girls in the City

prettypinkuse Pretty in pink on Powell Street:

prettuusquareredo A bonus, six pretty girls from the 1960’s and one pretty girl from today at the southeast entrance to Union Square:

prettyballerinause “Officer, I’m telling you I’m not on drugs! I saw ten pretty ballerina girls dancing under the Golden Gate Bridge!”

“Get him out of here!”

prettygirlsmason Two pretty girls helping the old man up Mason Street on Nob Hill.

prettyferrywaveuse Pretty girls still wave goodbye to Ferry boats at the Ferry Building.

prettypalaceuse The Palace of Fine Arts during the 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition, and a perfect location for a pretty girl picture:

prettynorause This one was, kind of, special. A friend of mine named Nora asked me if I could help her identify the location of a picture of her mom and dad in San Francisco at the end of World War Two. We worked together to find the spot here on Market Street, and it was fun to do.

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