“Lazing on a sunny afternoon” at Fisherman’s Wharf

I read somewhere that Fisherman’s Wharf is the second largest tourist attraction in California next to Disneyland. I don’t doubt that claim at all.

lazincoupleuse The Fisherman’s Wharf Lagoon in 1960: Alioto’s has gotten much larger. Saturdays in San Francisco are made for couples, and a special thanks to the nice couple who obliged me with a comparison pose. The girl is named Joyce, but I couldn’t remember the fellow’s name. If you two wind up checking out my blog, mention the guy’s name in the comments so I can thank him too.

lazinwharfuse The Wharf Lagoon from Jefferson Street in the 1950’s:

lazinaquaticparkuse The cable car turntable at Aquatic Park in the 1960’s: There’s a cable car down there somewhere in the modern picture and a much bigger line.

lazinghiraduse Ghirardelli Square in the 1960’s, complete with mini skirt:

lazinwharfwestuse The boat lagoon looking toward the Golden Gate Bridge in the 1930’s: Time hasn’t taken the atmosphere off this spot at all; it still looks just like a little fishing village in Italy. The building to the right of the ferryboat was demolished in the 1960’s and the little brown building that’s there now is a chapel.

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