The Shopping District before the onslaught (For Jon Chaisson)

Enjoying a relatively calm Veterans Day in Downtown San Francisco: In a few more weeks it will be Black Friday and this area will look similar to the Oklahoma Land Rush!

vetodoulsuse Lefty O’Doul’s on Geary Blvd. from Union Square in the 1970’s:

powellttableuse It’s a rare day when there are more people waiting to board a cable car in the 1940’s at the Powell Street cable turntable than there were today!

vetpheasantuse The corner of Powell Street and Geary Blvd in 1948:

floodbldinguse Market Street at Powell with the Flood Building on the left just after the 1906 Earthquake and Fire: Buildings were being blown up to prevent the spread of the fire. The crowned Cal Building on the right, a survivor of the disaster as well as the Flood Building, is behind the dome roofed Humboldt Building built after the earthquake.

vetctownuse Chinatown will get its share of holiday shoppers as well in a few weeks.

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