A gloomy Halloween day in San Francisco

And just the way that I wanted it today for comparison pictures of gloomy San Francisco days from the past.

gloomyhydeuse Hyde and Union Streets on Russian Hill in the mid 1970’s: You can just make out Swensen’s Ice Cream Parlor on the left in the vintage picture. I fall prey to their ice cream every time I’m in the area, even on cold days like this. (Peter Stratmoen)

gloomychinatownuse Chinatown in the mid 1970’s: (Peter Stratmoen)

gloomycalifgrantredo You know, I felt sorry for Mr. Stratmoen having his 1975 photograph at California Street and Grant Avenue spoiled by a passing car, so I thought I’d update it for him. Well, what do you suppose happened?

gloomyaltause The Southwest corner of Alta Plaza in the 1950’s (Phil Palmer)

gloomygrantaveuse Grant Avenue, just down from Chinatown, in another Peter Stratmoen photo from 1975: The sun finally came out just as I was heading for home. Notice the building on the left with the columns and arched entrance; this was the Pacific Telephone Exchange Building during World War Two. It was considered so vital that sand bags were stacked covering the entire entrance after Pearl Harbor in case of a Japanese air attack, although, I don’t know what good this would have been on a direct hit. (See the next photograph)


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