Sunnier and in the 80’s (The 1980’s)

These are more redos of slide pictures I took in 1983 and 1984. I sure picked a gloomy day for picture taking today, but that’s the way it goes. The weather forecasters in San Francisco are completely unpredictable; when they say it’s going to rain…… it does!

more80missionuse Mission and Steuart Streets in 1983: The Embarcadero Freeway and the Bay Bridge are in the background. That’s the Audiffred Building on the left corner. Originally built in 1889, it’s on the National Registry of Historic Places.

more80fbuildinguse The Embarcadero Freeway; how I miss it, NOT!!!

more80marketstuse The crosswalk at Powell and Market Streets in 1983: They had just begun running the old time streetcars again on Market Street; this is now the F Line.

more80powelloneuse From 1982 to 1984, the entire cable car system was shut down for repairs. When I took this slide photo in the spring of 1983 on the corner Powell and Geary at Union Square, you could see the construction work being done on the line.

more80californiastuse California Street between Grant Avenue and Stockton Street: Two slug bugs! No cable cars meant any cable cars! The California Street line was shut down, as well. You can see them digging up California Street at the bottom of Nob Hill. To this day, I still stop to watch a cable car pass by when I see one. How did we get along two years without them!

more80powelltwouse In June of 1984 the cable car lines reopened and San Francisco threw a celebration in honor of the occasion. This was taken a little farther up Powell Street from Geary between Union Square and the St. Francis Hotel.

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