A Cloudy summer day in San Francisco

Pyramiduse A Pyramid scheme; The Transamerica Pyramid on the way up in 1971: (SF Images)

Vallejouse A poet on Telegraph Hill; Allen Ginsberg’s partner, Peter Orlovsky on Vallejo Street: (Howard Greenberg Gallery)


Apartment hunting on Russian Hill in the 1950’s:

“Is this place for rent?”

“It is, fifty dollars a month.”

“Why, that’s ridiculous!”

“Take it or leave it.”

(Bay Area Photographers Society)

CalifaboveStocktonredoCalifornia Street up from Stockton Street in the 1950’s: This is a redo that I went back for; it’s too nice of an old picture to not try to get as close as possible.  (vintage everyday)

CliffHouseuse Police activity at the Cliff House in 1958, and police activity at the Cliff House yesterday:  Click on the link below for some more police action in a series of pictures I did called ‘Cops” in May of 2015.



CliffHousetwouse Speaking of the Cliff House, this was how it looked in the early 1970’s. How cool was that; although, I would have got seasick looking at it! The totem pole farther down the street is still there.

2 thoughts on “A Cloudy summer day in San Francisco

  • Fantastic website… thank you for all these great photos. That’s my neighborhood on Montgomery and Green in North Beach. That’s acutely my red Vespa in the first photo! Love the historic nature of all of these photos, they serve as a mirror on the past. Just fascinating!

    • Why, thank you! That is cool about your Vespa! If I’d have known in advance, I would have dedicated this post to “the little red Vespa”. It is a wonderful neighborhood, isn’t it. A few posts back in ‘Out in the field’ I wrote about a book I recently read called ‘Laughter on the Hill’ about a girl who moved in one block up from you on Union St. just before Pearl Harbor. It’s corny and “long ago”, but fun to read, and she, obviously loved your special area too. All my best.

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