This September will be the 140th birthday of Lotta’s Fountain at the intersections of Kearny. Geary, and Market, dedicated September 9th 1875. Nobody pays much attention to this ugly and neglected fountain, but like the Golden Gate Bridge or the Ferry Building, San Francisco will never get rid of it. For over one hundred years … Read more Cops

A Cloudy summer day in San Francisco

A Pyramid scheme; The Transamerica Pyramid on the way up in 1971: (SF Images) A poet on Telegraph Hill; Allen Ginsberg’s partner, Peter Orlovsky on Vallejo Street: (Howard Greenberg Gallery) Apartment hunting on Russian Hill in the 1950’s: “Is this place for rent?” “It is, fifty dollars a month.” “Why, that’s ridiculous!” “Take it or … Read more A Cloudy summer day in San Francisco