The Alameda County Fair – 2016

Parkinguse The parking lot in the 1950’s: Well, the price has only gone up three thousand percent!  (Vintage picture Alameda County Fair Association Archives)Entranceuse Heading in: The parking lot in the 1950’s is now the Midway.  (Alameda County Fair Association Archives)  HobbyPavilionuse The old horse racing grandstand was rebuilt in the 1960’s. On the right is the Arts and Crafts Building; I think they call it the Hobby Building now. (Alameda County Fair Association Archives)  Jaimeuse Lots of cool things to see in the Hobby Building, like the Mushroom Display.  Midwayuse The Midway with all the Audrey Hepburn wannabes in the 1950’s: This was only the second day so the crowds were light, which makes it more fun. (Alameda County Fair Association Archives)  Merrygorounduse They still have a Merry-go-round. (Alameda County Fair Association Archives)  kiddieridesuse Ah, the kiddie rides! You know, the ones I can handle. (Alameda County Fair Association Archives)  Cokeorangebeeruse The old and new grandstand from the fair’s central park: (Alameda County Fair Association Archives)  Horseraceuse I probably didn’t do as well as F. Miller did in 1952, but I won $19.86 on this race! (Sammy DiLaura)  Stageuse The old Court of Four Season Stage, for years the main entertainment area, is gone now. This is where it was. (Alameda County Fair Association Archives)  MissCVuse The Court of Four Seasons from where the stage was: (Alameda County Fair Association Archives)  Garden Partyuse  The Flower and Gardens Building:

“If you’re going to a garden party, I wish you a lot of luck!”

They removed the old wishing well, and rain forest from inside here this year! (Alameda County Fair Association Archives)  Trainsuse The model train display has come a long way since its debut in the 1940’s. (Alameda County Fair Association Archives)


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