A cloudy Spring day in San Francisco

springplaylanduse Playland-at-the Beach from Point Lobos Avenue:

SpringChouseuse Just up the road where Point Lobos turns east was the strip of shops that ran between the Cliff House and the Sutro Bath House.

Springredbuguse Long before the Autopia at Disneyland was the Red Bug Raceway that ran on a wooden track behind Topsys’s Roost. Below, is where the course once was. (James R. Smith’s San Francisco’s Playland at the Beach – The Early Years)

SpringIt'suse Where the It’s It Ice Cream Sandwiches at Playland, (Still just as good today) were invented:

springmontgomeryuse Back downtown for a photo from the Cushman Collection of Montgomery Street in the 1960’s:

Springcablecaruse The cable car turntable at Powell and Market Streets:

SpringPowellStuse Looking down Powell Street from Nob Hill

springchinatownuse Another from the Cushman Collection of colorful Chinatown in the 1950’s:

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