San Francisco was made for weekends

weekinteruse Starting out the weekend on a Friday at the sinful International Settlement, seen here at Pacific Avenue and Montgomery Street in the 1940’s: There were lots of naughty places to visit, like the one on the corner. Pago, Pago, “L’Eggo My Eggo!” The International Settlement sign posts are still there at this intersection.

weekpier39use Pier 39, the perfect place on a weekend to take out-of-town visitors like Aunt Matilda, or Cousin Clarence when they show up unexpectedly; assuming, of course, that there are people who have an Aunt Matilda or Cousin Clarence!

weekmoviesuse Movie Theater Row near 5th and Market Streets, the perfect place to spend a Saturday afternoon: The ‘Jungle Doctor’ wouldn’t have got my money with that “Triple Teenage Riot” showing next door.

weektislanduse Treasure Island; not as exciting to visit as it was during the 1939 – 1940 World’s Fair, but the Treasure Island Flea Market on the last weekend of every month still draws a crowd. The building in front of the Sun Tower is the Administration Building, one of three buildings from the fair still on the island.

weekggparkuse A Sunday jaunt in Golden Gate Park: Not as many horse and buggies anymore, but lots of bicycles.

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