Night and the City

CTownduskuse Chinatown at dusk, Grant Ave. at Pacific:  DupomtStreetuse ‘Du Pon Gai’, that means Dupont Street in Chinese. This old postcard, postmarked in 1911, still refers to Chinatown’s main street as Dupont Street even though the street name was changed to Grant Avenue just after the 1906 Earthquake. I remember going there as a teenager and some of the residents were still calling it Dupont Street. I have a special place in my heart for dinosaurs! Christmasstreetcaruse Market at Powell, facing east and west: Either, the top picture was taken in the 1970’s or the lady driving the streetcar has a mustache! Everything in San Francisco at Christmas is green and red, even the taxis and streetcars! #1009 has a green top and window frame painting, and #1015 has a white top and window frame painting; I notice little things like that! Endwoodsideuse Another Fred Lyon picture; the end of Woodside at Portola beneath Twin Peaks in the 1940’s: I try not to get too silly about these things! A special thanks to Kevin for snapping the picture.

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