A Then and Now Tour with brother Kevin

ClipperKevinuse Clipper Plane Cove on Treasure Island: Kevin was explaining to a couple passing by about large floating passenger planes that used to fly out from this spot to China! They just shook their heads and walked by. I thought I heard one of them say, “Yeah, we’re going to believe that!” You can still see some of what’s left of the old cantilever East Bay Bridge span behind the new one.  Filbertdropuse The Filbert Street drop at Hyde in the 1940’s; courtesy of Fred Lyon: Boy, we got this one down to a science!  Decorativemeuse One of only three buildings left from the 1939 / 1940 World’s Fair on Treasure Island, The Palace of Fine and Decorative Arts Building: WarpspeedKevinuse Baker and Pine Streets: Kevin couldn’t get to warp speed like the person in the old picture. Finishedbridgeuse The finished product: They did a good job! (San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Library)

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