Sutro Baths

sutroopenredouse The marvelous Sutro Baths, and all that’s left today.

sutropointlobosredouse Point Lobos, before and after Sutro’s :

sutrosbathhouiseredouse A wonderful image from John Martini’s book ‘Sutro’s Glass Palace’ of what the bathhouse looked like inside: That railing the lady is leaning against might have been the same spot where Eli Wallach gets a little pushy in some images you’ll see in a moment.

sutroiceredouse In the 1950’s, the swimming pools were converted to an ice skating rink.

sutrofireredouseSutro’s burned down in June of 1966. That’s the Louis Restaurant on the right. It’s been there since 1937, and is one of my main pit stops for breakfast when I’m in the area.

sutroruinsredouse The ruins of the Sutro Bath House; gone forever.

sutroslineupredo1use  sutrolineupredo2use  sutrolineupredo3useIt’s still the best look at Sutro’s you’ll ever get. When Eli Wallach tries to convince the head of organized crime, “The Man” who’s confined to a wheelchair, why he’s coming up short on a heroin shipment deal in the 1958 film ‘The Lineup’, “The Man” slaps him, and tells him, You’re dead!”. Not a good idea! Eli kicks him through the rail to his death on the ice skating rink below, taking out a skater, as well.


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