Christmas in the City

UnionSquareCMas  Union Square at Christmas in the 1920’s and in 2014:

CmasblogcableNot quite as festive as the 1930’s, but not a bad go at it!

CmasemporThe old Emporium Store, now Bloomingdale’s on Market Street.

cmasblogparisuse1cmasblogparisuse2Two views of the legendary City of Paris Department Store Christmas tree, from above and below: Neiman Marcus, which took over the location when the old department store was demolished, has an impressive Christmas tree in the same spot where the old rotunda was.

Cmasconserv“MAIL EARLY” Yeah, especially if it’s my present! The old Conservatory of Flowers Building in Golden Gate Park in the late 1930’s. This seems like an odd place to advertise this holiday message.

CnasPacificFHouseThe old Pacific Avenue fire station at Osgood Alley in North Beach, and 18th Street fire station in the Sunset District:

Mission22nd and Mission in the heart of the “Miracle Mile” in the 1950’s: The Rexall is now Popeye’s Chicken, but there’s still a Market where the New Mission Market was.

GarageThe Union Square Garage at Christmastime, what Herb Caen used to refer to as a “Sorry / full situation”.

CmashydeWhat the “Hyde Street Grip” at Christmastime should look like according to Thomas Kinkade, and what the “Hyde Street Grip” at Christmastime looks like.



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