“Say it ain’t so, Joe!”

I’ve been hearing scuttlebutt from Fisherman’s Wharf that they may be tearing down these two famous restaurants, Alioto’s and #9 Fishermen’s Grotto, in the not too distant future. I hope it’s not true, but it probably is; they’re just empty and sad looking now anyway. They’ll probably replace them with a Chipotle and Poke Bowl take-out. The place just won’t be the same anymore without them. (Thumbnail images)


(Vintage photo opensfhistory.org)

(Vintage photo from Foundsf.org)

(Vintage photo Gene Gallagher Photos)

(Vintage picture from the Charles Cushman Collection)





One thought on ““Say it ain’t so, Joe!”

  • San Francisco is one of the few places in California that I still recognize, but even that is changing. I just posted a saddening article about a group of Memorial Trees in Sunnyvale that I recognize, but would prefer not to. I appreciate your historical pictures. They are great. However, I get why the topic is not so pleasant.

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