Fleet Week, 2022; which I’ll probably miss

This week is Fleet Week, 2022 in San Francisco. Ever since the city renewed the tradition of greeting the Navy Fleet as it sailed into San Francisco Bay in 1981, I’ve tried to go over there and join in the festivities. This October, I may not be able to. You see, as the Fleet is sailing in this week, Tax Season, 2022 is sailing out. (Oh, Gawd!) October 17th is the official end of the most convoluted and difficult tax season we’ve had since I took the practice over when my dad died in 1993. For so many years I was able to get most of the tax returns finished by the April 15th deadline, and had to file only a few extensions. That isn’t the case anymore. Due to a number of reasons, mainly because the IRS doesn’t process tax returns until mid February anymore, and the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 did NOT simplify tax returns, I’ve had to file more and more extension in April each passing tax season. I always tell the clients that I have to file the extensions for to not wait until October to file, knowing that they’re going to wait until October to file. So, with the October 17th approaching, I still have scores of tax returns to finish, and may not be able to take a day off. Anyway, in honor of the occasion, I’ll post some updates of slide pictures that I took from Telegraph Hill during Fleet Weeks in the early and mid 1980s when it really was Fleet Week, and we were still in a “Cold War”. (Thumbnail images)

Blue Angels soaring past the Coit Tower parking lot in 1983:

The Aircraft Carrier, USS Enterprise, CVA(N)-65, cruises past in 1986. My view was from Chestnut Street.

The Enterprise passes Alcatraz in 1986:


Another from Chestnut Street in 1986: Look at all those ships!

Pier 35 from Chestnut Street:

The view from Lombard Street as it heads up to Coit Tower: I think this was 1986, as well.

Looking toward the Bay Bridge from Lombard Street in 1986:

The view from Calhoun Terrace at Twilight: I’m not sure if this was 1983 or 1986. The infamous Embarcadero Freeway can be seen.

One thought on “Fleet Week, 2022; which I’ll probably miss

  • I do enjoy trees, which is why I am an arborist, but those cypress at Coit Tower really should be removed. Other scenery would also benefit from the removal of a few trees.
    My great grandparents happened to be in San Francisco when Pearl Harbor was attacked. They did not know what had happened, but watched as Navy ships coming into Alameda turned around and went back the way they came.

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