San Francisco, after and before

These are reverse then and nows; backdates not updates. The modern pictures are photos that I took around San Francisco. Sometimes when I find vintage San Francisco pictures on the internet, I try to match them up to photos that I have in my collection. They don’t line up perfectly, but they’re a reasonable facsimile. Also, they’re fun to do; sort of my own private scavenger hunts. (Thumbnail images)

This is a picture I took in May of 2022 on the Jeremiah O’Brien Memorial Cruise, looking toward the SF skyline. The older photo is from the 1970s. The old sailing ship, the Balclutha, was still moored at Pier 43 then. (

Looking down to the Great Highway from Sutro Heights from a picture I took in 2018 and during the 1970s. The tide was definitely out in my picture. (


The Sing Chong Building and Old St. Mary’s Church in Chinatown: No guesswork needed on when the old picture was taken. (


I took my photo from the back of an old streetcar, looking west on Market Street near 2nd. The vintage picture is near the same spot in 1956. The Call Building, (Central Tower) the Palace Hotel, and the Humboldt are on the left in both pictures. (

Also in May of 2022, I took this skyline picture from the new Treasure Island Ferry Service. It lines up pretty good with the picture taken during the 1970s. (

In October of 2014, the San Francisco Giants were in the World Series, although, the issue hadn’t been decided yet, and my niece, on a visit from Texas, wanted to see Candlestick Park. We drove around it, took a few pictures, and it was the last time I ever saw the ballpark. They started to demolish it shortly after our visit. My picture isn’t a very good one, but neither is the one from 1966. (

2 thoughts on “San Francisco, after and before

  • When big buildings are replaced by bigger buildings, it sort of makes me wonder how the big buildings that were there first were removed. I never saw one demolished before.

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