‘This is San Francisco’

Sometimes, it’s just a big cartoon city for kids. (Thumbnail images)


They say the Cliff House is going to reopen later this year, but it won’t be called the Cliff House.

They view of Seal Rocks from behind the Cliff House:

The view from Coit Tower: Columbus is on the outs now because he may or may not have massacred Native Americans, but I’m still glad we have him to thank for the spaghetti and pizza in North Beach.

Alioto’s and Fishermen’s Grotto #9 Restaurants in Fisherman’s Wharf; both gone forever now:

A cable car slides down California Street on Nob Hill:



I don’t think I like the looks of some of those people on the cable car in the bottom cartoon, especially that mean looking lady on the right!

The Sing Chong Building and Old St. Mary’s on Grant Avenue and California Street in Chinatown:

The place where the traditional telephone booth used to be on the side of Old St. Mary’s Church in Chinatown:

The old streetcars that were relatively modern when the 1962 cartoon was drawn only go up to number 1080 nowadays. How dare that strikingly attractive girl on the bike get in my picture!

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