Alameda County Fair, 2022


Ah, the first day of summer, and a pleasant reminder that life’s not always where “little cable cars climb halfway to the stars.” About 39 miles southeast of San Francisco, the Alameda County Fair, interrupted since 2019 because of Covid-19, except for a week in October of 2021, began its 110th run. This IS what county fairs are all about. I got a chance to go out there last weekend to update some of those old pictures taken at the fairgrounds from the Images of America’s revised edition of its Alameda County Fair volume.(Thumbnail images)


Most visitors still enter the fair at the same location that they did here in the 1960s.


Audrey Hepburn wannabes at the Midway in the 1950s:


The Model Train Exhibit has come a long way since this 1948 picture was taken.

They still have plenty of the picture booths where visitors take those silly pictures of themselves. Yeah, that’s me; I was just as silly once too.


Dressed up visitors entering the old Floriculture Building, looks like the 1960s:

Tipsters at the old horse racing grandstand in the early 1960s: This grandstand was replaced in 1965.

A beauty contest on the Court of Four Seasons stage during the 1960s: This was about the only entertainment stage in the fair up until the 1970s. This is where the Court of Four Seasons stage once was.










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