Another look back to the 1980s (Thumbnail images)

I’ve only been able to get over to San Francisco twice since this one-of-a-kind tax season began back in February, but both visits were a tonic.


Boat Tram 228 and Streetcar #1 on 17th Street near Hartford in 1983: This was around the time they began running historic streetcars again around San Francisco. (Wikipedia)


Alcatraz and the Hyde Street Pier from Larkin Street and North Point in the 1980s: That’s the old sailing ship, the Balclutha, docked at the Hyde Street Pier now. (SF Gate)

562 Green Street: The Columbus Café, along with other restaurants on this block, has reopened with lots of sidewalk seating after the COVID-19 Pandemic forced them to close in 2020. (Bold italic)

During the 1980s, Lotta’s Fountain still had the bronze column that was added to the monument in 1916 to match the height of the streetlights on Market Street. It was restored to its original height in 1999. ( and Wikipedia)


Tower Records at Columbus and Bay, was still THE place to buy the latest Billy Idol, Toto, or any other popular collection from the 1980s, or albums from the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, or even Elvis from earlier periods. (SF Gate)

Elegant Ladies still, peek into the shop next to 2447 Mission Street just like they did in Janet Delaney’s 1984 picture; especially if they’re a friend of mine and I ask them to do it for effect.

The Boat Lagoon at Fisherman’s Wharf in June of 1987: That little tyke on my left holding on to my leather jacket is my niece, Stacy. She came out from Texas for a visit in March, and we got a chance to update the picture.


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