Welcome, 2021 (For Tricia from the Haight)

You can pick almost any other period in modern San Francisco history, and it would have more enjoyable recollections for the people of San Francisco than 2020. I’ll start out New Year with another look back to the 1960s during a happier and busier time than 2020 when the “Cool gray city of love” became the Cool gray city of hope. (Thumbnail images)


Market Street at 3rd Street looking west in 1963: I wonder what the guy with the clip board was doing? (SFMTA Archives)

Market Street, looking west from Kearny Street in the late 1960s: Morris Plan, I remember them. I think that was another one of those financial institutions I borrowed money from in the 1970s that I never paid back. (Vintage Everyday)


Market Street looking east from Kearny, probably the same day as the previous picture: (Vintage Everyday)


Ah, the legendary Emporium Department Store! The girl boarding the streetcar in the vintage picture may have been a psychic looking 55 years into the future at me. (Vintage Everyday)


Cable cars don’t come into Aquatic Park next to the Cannery at the same spot they did in 1967. The 1982 overhaul of the system rerouted them into the park from the Beach and Hyde Streets intersection. (vintagestockphotod.com)


BART construction under Market Street is backing up buses between 5th and 6th Streets in 1967. Buses have it easier here today. (SF Chronicle / SF Gate)


Haight and Ashbury: You can’t have a 60s look back in San Francisco without including the “Summer of Love”: and thank you to the ex ‘flower child” Tricia I met last Sunday who was nice enough to pose in the intersection for me. (Reddit)


The Grateful Dead in front of the Mnasidika Boutique on Haight Street in 1967: (KQED.org)


Looking northeast from the top of the Mark in 1963: The building at the lower left of the vintage picture with the curved windows on top was the old Hall of Justice Building on Kearny Street. Many movie and television shows, including ‘The Man Who Cheated Himself’, ‘Impact’, ‘The Lady from Shanghai’, ‘The Lineup’, and ‘Ironside’ filmed scenes there. It was demolished in 1967 and a Hilton Hotel is there today. (opensfhistory.org)

3 thoughts on “Welcome, 2021 (For Tricia from the Haight)

  • The DAISY! Chrysanthemum frutescens (or Argyranthemum frutescens nowadays)! No one seems to remember them. The species is still available, but not the same cultivar with bigger flowers like that. They were so common back then. We grew them easily from cutting.

  • What a great comparison of view of present locations to the view in the 60s. Photos clearly show that many places still look somewhat similar, while some places like Kearny Street have changed drastically. San Francisco has gone through various changes. Thank you very much for posting these pictures.

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