San Francisco in 1982

I may have posted a picture of this years ago, but I thought I’d repost it. I bought this poster back in 1982. Guillermo W. Granzio put a lot of San Francisco in this! About the only thing I haven’t been able to find is a cable car; unless that’s one coming downhill between the Bank of America and Pyramid Buildings. (Thumbnail image) *

*Granzio’s 18’ by 14’ mural, created in 1980, was stored in the Harcourt Galleries Building off Powell Street. Two years after it was painted, the mural was knocked over by a forklift while in storage and destroyed. (Source:

3 thoughts on “San Francisco in 1982

      • San Jose spent tens of thousands of dollars for a statue of Phelan that was stored for a very long time because so many people protested against its installation. Now that it is installed, the maintenance and regular repair of vandalism is quite expensive. Such a silly waste of art. (I suspect that there is good reason for people to dislike Phelan.)

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