The “sounds of silence”

This is a brief update to my last overly optimistic post. Things have changed drastically in San Francisco and the rest of the world since two weeks ago. I left the office and took a drive around an empty San Francisco yesterday afternoon.

BroadwayBroadway at Columbus Avenue:

NBeach Grant Avenue, North Beach: Even the Live Worms Shop was closed! (Whatever that is)

THillThe silence even reaches up to the top of Telegraph Hill.

CoitNo trouble finding parking at a closed and quiet Coit Tower.

MontgomeryLooking down Montgomery Street from Telegraph Hill:

FWharfFisherman’s Wharf, as dead as Elvis is:

JeremiahThe Liberty Ship Jeremiah O’Brien tucked in for the duration: If she could talk she’d probably say, “I braved Nazi submarines in the Atlantic Ocean, I’m not afraid of a little bug!”

IMG_0068A spooky and empty Chinatown: The crowds have all gone home.




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