49er Fever, January, 2013 and January, 2020

The weekend before the 2013 Superbowl I went over to San Francisco to check out some of the 49er spirit on display for the Niners first visit to the big game since 1995. For the most part the City’s doing it up again when I went over there last night and took the F Line Streetcars from the Ferry Building to the bottom of Telegraph Hill and back again along Market Street to City Hall.

IMG_5905ferryreduseIMG_5908The old Southern Pacific Building on Market Street is getting into the fun, but the Ferry Building, all aglow in red in 2013, didn’t change its color this time.

niner4useIMG_5863The sidewalk lights on the Embarcadero, (Herb Caen Way) were changed to red back in 2013 and you could stand in the glow. No red sidewalk lights at Pier 1 this time. “I wore a younger man’s clothes” back then. Oh, wait; those are the same clothes I was wearing last Sunday!

IMG_5932The Billy Graham Civic Auditorium is in gold and red this year.

IMG_4586IMG_5935I got a fuzzy picture of City Hall on that January Saturday night in 2013 and another last night. It’s not that I’m a better photographer since seven years ago; I just have a better camera now.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAA MUNI bus coming along Post Street in January, 2013: We won’t see that this year.

Gotta love that red and gold Coit Tower from last night in the video below.


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