What you miss with Photoshop

Photoshop is a great computer program that even an amateur like me can have fun experimenting with, but you have to leave a lot out to get a decent fade in with then and now pictures. This set is a Photoshop collection of pictures of mine along with my original photos; sort of comparing two comparison types of comparison pictures.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAPSDPassagetwouseA hoodlum kidnaps Vincent Parry (Humphrey Bogart) and drives him to a spot below the southern entrance to the Golden Gate Bridge in the 1947 film ‘Dark Passage’. Since September 11th 2001, this area has been off limits to the public.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAPSTaylor2useFisherman’s Wharf near the end of Taylor Street at twilight in the 1950’s:

GE DIGITAL CAMERAPSPland2useOrson Welles exits the Funhouse at Playland-at-the-Beach leaving a dying Rita Hayworth inside in another 1947 movie ‘The Lady from Shanghai’. Welles is walking toward the Great Highway. Playland was demolished in 1972.

PSPointusePSPointtwouseAfter being shot twice and left in an empty prison cell on Alcatraz by John Vernon and Angie Dickinson, Lee Marvin recovers consciousness and swims back to San Francisco from Alcatraz with two bullets in him to seek revenge. That’s quite a feat! The movie was ‘Point Blank’ from 1967. The modern picture is the current San Francisco skyline from Alcatraz Island.

PSPortraitusePSPortraittwouseLana Turner enters the old I Magnin Department Store on Geary Blvd. across the street from Union Square in “Portrait in Black’ from 1960.  This is an effort to establish her alibi while she plots with Anthony Quinn to kill her husband. In the background is the St. Francis Hotel on Powell Street.

PSGreenwichusePSGreenwichtwouse“Look out!” Almost a head on crash with a cable car and an automobile at Hyde and Greenwich on Russian Hill: The vintage picture is a Fred Lyon photo from the 1950’s. This picture is sometimes labeled as looking toward Telegraph Hill from Lombard Street at Hyde, but it’s not.

PSWharfusePSLagoonredo“Come all ye young sailormen listen to me, and I’ll sing you a song of the fish in the sea.”

Fisherman’s Wharf Boat Lagoon in 1939 in a picture from the Charles Cushman Collection. In the background of the vintage picture is the large gas tank near Fisherman’s Wharf located there from the early 1930’s to the 1960’s.



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