Hello, sunshine, we mist you

I know, that was pretty corny, but the sun finally came out in San Francisco today after a week of fog, and I got what felt like a VIP tour of the SS Jeremiah O’Brien Liberty Ship, courtesy of one of the crew members.

ShipIF YOU ONLY HAVE TIME TO VISIT ONE ATTRACTION IN SAN FRANCISCO………. then you should have stayed home! Actually the historic World War Two Liberty Ship, the SS Liberty O’Brien should be on top of your list.

IMG_0907 A vintage photo of a radioman on the ship during World War Two getting a message warning of U Boats in the area: Not really, that was my tour guide.

Mess“Where’s this, Kevin?”

“That’s the Crew’s Mess.”

“Well, if it’s the crews mess let them clean it up!”

I feel like throwing out all the old jokes today!

MutinyA Saturday Afternoon Mutiny.

Bunk“Who sleeps here, Kevin?”

“That bunk is for the seamen.”

“I’m not going anywhere near that line, Kevin.”

GGateNow, a circular look from atop the ship, starting with a view toward the Golden Gate: They don’t always let visitors up this high.

aftLooking northwest toward the aft of the ship:

Rock“The Rock”

THillLooking toward the forward side of the ship for a view of Telegraph Hill and Downtown San Francisco:

NobHillLooking directly toward Nob Hill over one of the most historic surviving piers on the San Francisco waterfront, Pier 45:

RHillThe view toward Russian Hill:

MaritimeComing back around again; Ghirardelli Square, the Maritime Museum, and the Hyde Street Pier:




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