A summer day at the Wharf

Mark Twain should have said “The most crowded Saturday I ever  spent was on a summer’s day at Fisherman’s Wharf.” It definitely was crowded yesterday, but not too crowded to have fun or to update some more terrific pictures from http://opensfhistory.org/, many of them from long ago summers.

WharfGrottooneuseThe #9 Fishermen’s Grotto Restaurant certainly looks different than it did here in 1935. The cars looked better back then but I think the building is an improvement today.

WharflagoonSeastuseThe Fisherman’s Wharf boat lagoon in the 1940’s, looking toward Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower: Every time I see pictures of that enormous gas tank that used to be near Fisherman’s Wharf, it reminds me of what a different era we live in now.

WharfAlioto'suseWhat a great Picture of Alioto’s Restaurant, circa 1949!

WharfLagoonnwestuseLooking toward Pier 45 where the SS Jeremiah O’Brien Liberty Ship and the USS Pampanito submarine, both World War Two survivors, are docked, circa 1950: A little fishermen’s chapel has replaced the older building in the center of the vintage picture.

WharfRHilluseLooking toward Russian from the boat lagoon circa 1950: All of the buildings on Russian Hill in the vintage photo can be seen in the modern one:

WharfStandarduseLooking across a parking lot toward Russian Hill in 1952: The Standard Station on the northeast corner of Jefferson and Taylor Street, designed like a ship, was there from the 1930’s to the 1970’s, although, by the 70’s it had been remodeled. Two buildings built since 1952 make an exact line up impossible now, but the gas station was just in front of where the ships wheel Fisherman’s Wharf sign is now. The Sabella/La Torre Restaurant is on the right in both photos.

WharfFranciscanuseLooking northeast from Taylor Street in August of 1959 toward the Franciscan Restaurant: Those are the masts of the sailing ship Balclutha that was docked at Pier 43 back then.

WharfGrottouseAnother view of Fishermen’s Grotto Restaurant, (Yes, they spell if different from Fisherman’s Wharf) in July of 1960.

WharfTaylorjefferson2useTaylor and Jefferson Streets looking north in August of 1964:

WharfTaylorJefferson1useLooking toward Russian Hill on the opposite corner of Jefferson and Taylor in 1965: I was able to find a table for lunch at the Jack in the Box restaurant, about where the Alpine looking building was in the vintage shot. Sometimes a Breakfast Jack and a couple of tacos are all you need to get through the day.

WharfJuly1useLooking back along Taylor Street toward the eastern wing of Pier 45, circa 1965:


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