Down among the people

Celebrations, protests, problems and celebrity sightings around San Francisco; just like nowadays: Oh well, one thing is certain; on Wednesday, for one day, the left-right in the City will put aside their differences and celebrate just being free. Right?

AmongGGTheateruseIt would be just as dangerous climbing up on a streetcar with its power lines today as it was in August of 1945 for these goofballs celebrating the end of World War Two on Market Street in front of the Golden Gate Theater.

Among5thandMarketuseLook at all those great and long gone shops on Market Street near 5th Street in the 1950’s; Grayson’s, Zukor’s, the Diamond Palace, Mannings and Hales! (Pinterest)

Among1stStuseDown among the soggy people! Most of the buildings on this block of on 1st Street between Market and Mission streets, seen here during a flood in 1958, are gone now, but the building with the Examiner advertisement on it today is still there. That’s part of the old Trans Bay Bus Terminal in the background of the vintage picture. (SF Gate)

AmongCToweruseI imagine that brat who doesn’t want her picture taken up at the Coit Tower parking lot in the 1960’s had brats of her own who have grown up by now, and have had brats of their own.

AmongQuinnuseThat’s Anthony Quinn on Stockton Street near Geary Blvd. looking down toward O’Farrell in 1960. Obviously, this picture was taken during the filming of the movie ‘Portrait in Black’ where Anthony Quinn co-stars with Lana Turner. A key scene in the film was shot at the I. Magnin department store here, now part of Macy’s. Quinn would have been standing somewhere around here. (Hollywoodpaper2)

AmongPowelluseWhat a terrific picture from the Shorpy Archive of the western side of Union Square on Powell Street in the 1950’s! The Union Square Parking Garage was established as a go-to air raid shelter during the Cold War.

AmongCCaruseClimbing aboard a cable car on Powell Street in front of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in the 1950’s and in 2018:

AmongUnionGrantuseThe southeast corner of Grant Avenue and Union Street in North Beach during the 1960’s: This is where North Beach Pizza, that used to be on the corner across Grant Avenue, is today. I closed down a lot of Saturday nights in North Beach in the 80’s and 90’s gobbling up a North Beach Pizza. (Gene Wright)

AmongprotestuseA protest march on Market Street in 1966: Boy, I’d like to have seen ‘Weird, Wicked World’. Actually, my picture cuts a little farther across Market Street on the right than the vintage picture; there was some civic scenery on the far right that I didn’t want to cut out. (Shorpy Archive)

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