Exit Keller

StreetstayloroneuseThese scenes are from the epilog of the last episode of ‘The Streets of San Francisco’ that Michael Douglas costarred in. In the fifth and final season, Douglas was becoming very successful in Hollywood and decided to leave the series. In a two part episode that opened the season and featured many guest stars including Patty Duke, Inspector Steve Keller (Michael Douglas) decides to retired from the police force after being grievously wounded, (for about the 20th time) to become a teacher. Michael Stone, (Karl Maldin) pulls up at Broadway and Taylor Street to let Keller out where he lives. This is a different address than his Telegraph Hill address shown in all of the previous episodes. Also in the car is his replacement Inspector Dan Robbins played by Robert Hatch.

StreetsbroadwayoneuseThis scene is looking down Broadway from Taylor Street toward the east entrance to the Broadway Tunnel.

StreetsHatchuseKeller and Robbins also bid a cordial farewell. You just know Keller is thinking, “So, this is the jerk that’s taking my place!” and Robbins is thinking, “How did this hippie become an Inspector?”

StreetskellerstoneuseStone and Keller say their goodbyes. I was getting kind of sad watching this part!

StreetsbroadwaytwouseAnd so Keller wanders off into the sunset, except that he’s heading east. The show was not popular after Douglas left and folded at the end of the season. That’s a Mason Street Line cable car passing by down the street in the three images.

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