Flat Stella takes a San Francisco then and now tour

StellaCHouseuseFlat Stella at the Cliff House: She got kind of messed up when I threw her in the Pacific Ocean, but she was better later on after she stopped coughing.

StellaCTownuseStella in Chinatown: I told her that the Chinese are very big on paper ornaments so if she didn’t behave herself, I’d sell her into paper slavery.

StellaPalaceuseStella at the Palace of Fine Arts: Stella said to me that the lady in the old picture was weird looking. I said to her “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

StellaMissionuseStella at the oldest church in San Francisco, Mission Dolores: Stella asked me who Dolores was. I just told it that she was Father Junipero Serra’s big sister.

StellsbridgeredoStella at the Golden Gate Bridge: Stella was really impressed with the bridge, and she asked me if it was real. Everybody started laughing at her, and I, kind of, felt sorry for her!

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