Telegraph Hill – Part 20 (Or maybe Part 30, I can’t remember how many posts I’ve done up there)

I thought I was through posting updates for 2017, but I headed up to Telegraph Hill on Christmas Eve. I had a feeling the crowds were going to be light and I wasn’t wrong. It was picture peaceful up there, and I felt like I could have stayed up there all day. So…… I stayed up there all day! Here’s a few Christmas Eve then and nows. Just in case you’re not familiar with, can’t remember, or don’t appreciate the beauty of San Francisco, I’ll end up with a 360 degree tour of the City from the top of Coit Tower.

2018AltauseHere are some of the old houses on Alta Street that were saved from burning after the 1906 Earthquake and Fire. Legend has it that many of the houses on Telegraph Hill were saved from the fires by residents who poured wine on them to dampen them before the flames approached. These may be a few of them.

2018CalhounoneuseUnion Street just off of Montgomery in the 1940’s: Margaret Parton moved into the second house from the left and spent a year writing about her adventures in San Francisco just before Pearl Harbor in her book ‘Laughter on the Hill’. You can still see that house just behind the stairs in the center of the current picture. I posted a story about her book in my September 6, 2016 post. (Vintage photo from the Charles Cushman Collection)

LaughterHere’s a cartoon from ‘Laughter on the Hill’ of Margaret Parton deciding if she’s going to move in.

2018MontgomeryuseA film noir looking picture of Montgomery Street looking south toward Union Street in the 1950’s: I’m not positive but this might be a Fred Lyon picture. His pictures are usually clearer than this, but I found it on Pinterest and it is probably a copy of one of his pictures.

2018MontgomerytwouseThis 1930’s picture is looking the opposite way from the previous picture, north along Montgomery from Union, during the 1930’s.

2018calhountwouseThe classy looking Neautra-Kahn Apartment on Calhoun Terrace in the 1940’s: You don’t turn around when you drive into this street, you back up, and you do it very carefully or you may end up driving off Telegraph Hill!

2018CoitoneuseNow I’ll offer you the closest thing I can get to a virtual tour of San Francisco from the air. They open many of the windows now at the top of Coit Tower so you can get fantastically clear pictures of San Francisco when you look out the openings! (Just don’t look down) We’ll start by looking southeast across the Embarcadero to the Bay Bridge.

2018Coittwouse Moving counter clockwise we’re now looking east toward Yerba Buena and Treasure Island.

2018CoitthreeuseLooking northeast we get a great view of Pier 39, Alcatraz, and Angel Island.

2018CoitfouruseLooking roughly north is Fisherman’s Wharf, too good not to zoom in on. The two ships from World War Two berthed at Pier 45 are the submarine the USS Pampanito, and the Liberty Ship the SS Jeremiah O’Brien.

2018coitfiveuseLooking northwest you’ll see the Golden Gate Bridge and Russian Hill. At the top of the second street from the left coming down Russian Hill is Lombard Street, “The Crookedest Street in the World”, if you don’t count Vermont Street on Potrero Hill.

2018CoitsixuseLooking west is the heart of North Beach with Washington Square and Saints Peter and Paul Church.

2018CoitsevenuseSouthwest is Nob Hill.

2018CoiteightuseDirectly south is Downtown San Francisco. That little cluster of buildings on the right is Chinatown.

2018CoitnineuseWe’ll end up where we started from and a terrific view of the Ferry Building.

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