To see the town the way it used to look

To see the town the way it used to look long ago, that’s what I like the best about working on this blog.

ChangeMechanicsuseThe Mechanics Monument at Battery and Market Streets circa 1910: (Vintage photo from Moulin Studios)

ChangeWharfuseFisherman’s Wharf, 1938: That tank on the left was full of gas. What a terrorist alert that would create today! It would have blown Fisherman’s Wharf all the way over to Chinatown! (Moulin Studios)

ChangeBayBridgeuseApproaching the Bay Bridge from Oakland in the 1940’s: (SF Chronicle)

ChangeTHilluseTelegraph Hill from the Bay, back when the Embarcadero was still a bustling port: (Vintage Everyday)

ChangeOBeachredouse Ocean Beach and the Great Highway, circa 1915: (Moulin Studios)

ChangeCliffHouseuseThe old Gingerbread Cliff House that burned down in 1907 from a rare angle: I’ve been trying to get a good photo of the Cliff House from Sutro Heights for a long time now. Trees block most of the view of the restaurant from the top of the park today. However, earlier this week I found a trail that winds part of the way around the side of the cliff. It can be dangerous if you’re not careful and there’s evidence that homeless people have been sleeping there, but it offers a view of the Cliff House that not many people can see anymore.

ChangesNobHilluseAnother terrific picture from the Shorpy Collection of the Fairmont and Mark Hopkins Hotels on top of Nob Hill:

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