“The coldest winter”

If Mark Twain did say, (which he never did) “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” he wasn’t talking about a summer day like yesterday in San Francisco. It was overcast, but it wasn’t cold, it was warm and gentle.

summerstarwarsuse‘Star Wars’ at the Coronet Theater on Geary Blvd. near Arguello in 1977: There’s still a gas station on the corner here, but the Coronet Theater is gone and gas isn’t 60 cents a gallon anymore.

summerpalaceuseThe Palace of Fine Arts: The vintage picture looks like something from a gangster movie. Why is she smiling when she’s being “taken for a ride” by the mob?  (SF Chronicle)

summervertigouseMovie buffs will recognize this scene at Fort Point from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 movie ‘Vertigo’ where Kim Novak jumps into the Bay and is rescued by James Stewart.

summermurphyuseThe old Murphy Windmill in Golden Gate Park in 1948 and the restored Murphy Windmill today: It’s supposed to be the largest windmill in the western hemisphere, but I don’t know if that’s fair, there probably aren’t a lot of windmills in the western hemisphere.

summerchouseuseSeal Rocks from behind the Cliff House in the 1950’s: Since the Musee Mecanique and History Room were removed during the 2000 remodeling, there isn’t a lot of traffic behind the Cliff House anymore. (SF Chronicle)

summertramuseAnother view of the Sky Tram that ran behind the Cliff House from 1955 to 1965: This view is looking from the Cliff House toward Point Lobos.  (SF Chronicle)

summertraminsideuseA bird’s eye view of Seal Rocks from inside the tram:  (SF Chronicle)

summerpooluse An old postcard of Fleishhacker’s Pool, now entombed beneath the San Francisco Zoo parking lot: The pool house was behind where the double B signs are in the center photo. The only thing left of the pool house since it burned down in 2012 is the entrance to the building in the bottom picture.

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