I wasn’t the only person with that idea! (For Ken on the Hyde and Lombard corner)

I thought that I’d sneak over to the City today to enjoy the beautiful weather, but I wasn’t the only one with that impulse; it was crowded from one side of town to the other! Still, just for today, I was able to enjoy this crowd instead of the ones that visit the office.

IdeaLombardUse It might have been nice to have Lombard Street all to myself like in the 1957 photo at the top, but this is one spot where crowds make it more fun; unless, of course, you live on Lombard. (opensfhistory.org)

IdeaFillmoreuse Fillmore Street above Vallejo Street when cable cars climbed the hill:

IdeaWindmilluse.jpg The old Dutch Windmill at the northwest corner of Golden Gate Park: It’s a lot tidier here today.

Ideatunneluse I’ve covered in previous posts the old stone bridge at the southwest corner of Golden Gate Park where streetcars crossed over, but on the northwest corner across the park from where the stone bridge once stood there can still be found a little known tunnel that the trains passed through as they made their way across the western side of the park. (opensfhistory.org)

IdeaBroadwayuse “Been there, done that!” At the top is a slide picture that I took in 1983 looking down Broadway from Russian Hill and the same spot today. It’s weird how little this view has changed!

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