A twilight cable car ride

A twilight cable car ride to Fisherman’s Wharf at Christmastime: The weather really warmed up last night in San Francisco; if I would have done this a few nights ago I would have froze my little trolley off!

twicable1 Hardly any line for the cable cars:

twicable2 I always take the “Hyde Street Grip” from here; it’s a more scenic ride.

twicable3 We’re off, past Union Square! I had to knock a couple of kids off to get the front spot, but they’ll get over it.

twicable4 Heading up Nob Hill:

twicable5 Once over Nob Hill the car turns and heads up Russian Hill by way of Jackson Street.

twicable6 Cable cars are the only National Monument that moves, and the conductor doesn’t dick around with anyone who holds up the ride. He got off here to tell that driver to move his truck or he would!

twicable7 Zooming past Lombard Street: I would have liked to get a clearer picture, but we were going about a hundred miles an hour and the cable car didn’t stop!

twicable8 The Buena Vista Cafe was full up when we got to the Bay, so I stopped in a cocktail lounge at Tarantino’s for some refreshing medicine before heading back.

twicable9 I took the Bay Street run back. It’s a beautiful ride too, but not as many hills. I didn’t fight for the front spot this time.

twicable10 Back where I started at a darker Union Square: There was a reassuring police presence all around Union Square last night because of what happened in Berlin a couple of days ago.


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